Muchai tending chickensIt’s been just over a week since we opened our commercial activities at the farm. I tell you, even I could not have imagined how great it is to start generating our own income. It is the best feeling!!!!

I remember when it was just a dream in my head – all we had was a bush – a forest with nothing but a stream and six big boys with nothing to do. The villagers thought I was a very nice white lady who had to be a bit nuts to think she was going to develop this land into a farm with the help of street kids – but that is exactly what we did. When I went out for the launch of the poultry house and took a new look – there was nothing but pride of accomplishment and thankfulness for this dream come to life.

In full commercial operations we have: 500 laying hens, four hectares of horticulture, two hectares of ground nuts, and eight hectares of maize. We also have four houses with children and parents, a generator for electricity, a full bore hole and water pump with a tank (which means running water), chickens and goats for consumption, solar panels for lighting in the houses, TV and DVD,  32 children,  and six full time live in Zambian staff. I tell you – we are blessed!!!

Next in the pipeline is a rural health clinic, a piggery and housing for international volunteers so you can all come and stay with us!

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