Some days, it just hits me again–the reason I’m here. Today was one of those days.


We got a new little boy, who is maybe seven or eight years old. His name is David. His mother died about six months ago, and David and his brother had to go live with an auntie, who already had six children of her own living in the compounds. It turns out this auntie is a woman we know, as several of her children have ended up in the streets–Moses, one of younger children, lives at Kulunga Bana!


On the last home visit, David had asked Moses to take him with when he left, so we notified social welfare and began an investigation. Today, three weeks later, David arrived at Salvation Home. He is a heart breaker. He actually looks like one of those children from the “starving African children” commercials; his stomach is distended, his ribs are sticking out, his color is off, his nose is dripping and he’s covered in open sores (which we have learned are from the rats chewing on him as he sleeps). When I bathed him, I discovered scars, whip marks, cigarette burns and evidence of many other horrors of child abuse covering his entire body. If there was ever a child who needed to be rescued, little David is him. Please pray for him.


I am so grateful that I can be a part of this miracle. Although my heart is pained for him, I look forward to being a part of David’s healing and recovery.

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