It has been an exhausting journey but I am finally back at Salvation Home…my home. I traveled with 11 bags of 50 pounds each and seemed to find my guardian angel at every stop. At the Minneapolis airport, some of the bags were underweight and some over – so the baggage porter just opened them up and rearranged things for me. It took him almost an hour – but he was successful!! Twenty eight hours later I arrived in Lusaka – with the time change it was now 22 hours. The immigration lines were long and laborious and I was worried about getting all 11 bags safely off the carousel and through customs. Fortunately, another angel found me in the form of a baggage claims worker who was finishing up for the night.  I saw him walk through immigration and flagged him down. He graciously agreed to get all the bags from the carousel for me and watch them while I waited in the immigration lines. After a forty minute wait in line – I finally cleared immigration and found this wonderful man had all the bags packed on carts according to their baggage claim number and we were ready to go!!  The big boys, along with Chali, our teacher, were there to greet me and bring me home.  

When I finally got here, all the kids were up waiting for me. I tell you I am one loved mama. It was great to get hear all the stories they had to tell and gather up my much missed hugs. We went to bed late and got up early so I could unpack those bags and hand out the new jeans and Vikings jerseys – and collect more hugs and hear more stories. The children spent Sunday watching their new American movies on their new laptop, and eating Sugar Babies and Jolly Ranchers.
I went to bed late in the afternoon and pretty much stayed there until this morning (Tuesday Dec. 3), when I got up early and snuck into Mary’s room and made some great time with the grandchildren. I listened to every new song Maria has learned for her school play and read stories. The joys of being a grandma are overwhelming sometimes – I never knew just how much you can love those little ones – my heart is bursting with gratitude and gratefulness. Not just for the children but for all of you that help make this happen for me and for them. May your day be filled with the same love today.
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