Jonathan Chikoka Head Boy 2016Becoming the Head Boy (or Head Girl) of your school is the highest honor that is bestowed upon any student here in Zambia. Head boys are selected by the administration and teachers of the school and function as student body leaders in all ways. They are expected to represent the students at community functions, assist in the discipline committee, and serve as advocates for student needs by acting as liaison between students and faculty. To date, Action for Children~Zambia has been honored to have 5 head boys and many prefects. (Prefects are students chosen for other leadership positions throughout their school.) We are proud to say this is now our norm, not an exception. We consider this one of our greatest achievements at AFCZ: producing students that can lead their peers with integrity.


We believe that growing up in a home with 30 other people assists these students in learning how to manage conflict and learn appropriate problem solving skills, which makes them perfect for honorable positions such as these in their schools. Their diverse range of past life experiences has helped them to mature and learn to make critical decisions early on in life. The children that are able to learn and grow at Action for Children~Zambia are becoming incredibly strong and tolerant individuals that will break barriers for Zambia!


We believe they will lead Action for Children~ Zambia into a second generation of youth who are able to be independent and lead lives free of poverty. With that being said, we are very pleased to show you Jonathan Chikoka, Head Boy at Jatamo Secondary School!

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