Chungu-youngerChungu started coming to us before there was even an official house for kids as part of AFCZ. He was among the first children who came, sick, to Carol’s apartment in the year 2004. Carol fixed him up–and he went straight back to the streets, a pattern he continued for many years.


Chungu’s behavior was out of control. He was convinced that he was a stupid, hateful child, and he worked very hard to convince Carol of that as well. She learned that his parents had divorced a few years before she met him, and that neither parent wanted the children. After that, he and his two older brothers took to the streets. By the time Carol got to Chungu, he had already spent two years as a thief and was dealing with a serious drug addiction. He was 11 years old.


Chungu olderChungu went back and forth between the streets and our programs for four years. He was diligent in attending our Outreach program, and never failed to return. However, he always went back to the streets. Finally, he came to Salvation Home and asked Carol if she would teach him to read. That was the beginning of a difficult, grueling recovery for Chungu.


Chungu is now a grade 11 student at a private Christian boarding school. He is active in football and drama, and loves to bake! He has a passion for helping others get off the streets, and hopes to open a coffee shop/Internet cafe when he finishes school. Today, Mama Carol can often be heard telling new children at Salvation Home that, “If Chungu can make it, certainly you can, too.”

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