NaomiNaomi was six years old when she first came to Action for Children~Zambia. Her prior life had been horrific; she did not know how to bathe or use a toilet, or even how to dress. She was completely void of life skills, and had no idea what her surname was. We found out that her mother was in hospice and that her brother had been murdered by the aunt who was entrusted with their care.

Over the past few years, she has begun to overcome unimaginable abuse that she had been subjected to previously. She went from being a traumatized child who huddled in a blanket hugging the walls or screaming to a beautiful nine year old girl who knows her sounds and letters and is beginning to read. Naomi has come so far that this May, she will finally be able to start school.

However, the best part of Naomi’s story is that after all her struggles and strife as a child, she was blessed enough to meet a Zambian woman named Nchimunyu Wolf while at the farm. Wolf, who now lives in the United States, has begun the adoption proceedings to take legal guardianship of Naomi in partnership with us. Once all the legal proceedings are done, Naomi will be taken to the United States to live with the Wolf family, becoming the first of our children to be adopted as well as the first to go to the United States!

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