Boy with new shoesLast December when I was home visiting, St. Timothy’s Catholic Church held a shoe drive for my children here in Zambia. Over 150 pairs of shoes were collected in all the various sizes, packaged up in shipping barrels and put on a boat to Africa in February. Three months later, we have received them with great delight!


One of the boys squealed and proclaimed, “Mom – they are original – no one has worn them yet.”


I told him, “Yes, and they are just for you.”


The response from this 15-year-old boy was a humble, “I never had new ones – it’s my first time. Tell them I appreciate.”


It is with heartfelt gratitude that we all say thank you. It is a beautiful gift, so much needed and so much appreciated.


God Bless You,

Carol McBrady

Boy with new shoes 2 Picking Out New Shoes

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