Carol making dinnerWelcome to my very first blog! I have never done such a thing, but so many of you asked for it, that I have decided to learn how to write a blog. I beg your patience with me as I learn.
Ten years ago, I journeyed to Africa to learn how the children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic were dealing with their plight. I found myself appalled by the horrendous conditions these children were living in, especially the homeless children living in the streets and markets.  I was also astounded by how easy it was to make a positive impact in their lives and the joy these children could display in spite of the squalor.
It was never my intention to start a multinational children’s organization to rescue and restore street children. I simply took one step at a time and responded to that which God set before me. The trials and tribulations have been many – but the joys and successes outweigh them every day.

It is my prayer that this blog will help you to understand a bit more about the daily life and routines of Action for Children~Zambia. I will tell you more details about our children, the daily activities and the situations I encounter. I will ask for your prayers when we need something specific and I share a bit more of myself through this blog. 

I hope you’ll continue coming back to my blog to hear more about my life with the children and our work in Zambia!
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