December 12, 2019

Action for Children-Zambia

P.O. Box 353

Maple Lake, MN 55358

My Dear Friends,

As the year 2019 ends and the season of preparation, rejoicing and renewal is upon us, let me take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and a blessed Holiday Season.  With a grateful heart, I say thank you for your support, love, care and prayers. Because of you, Action for Children Zambia continues to grow and thrive, but we need your support.

Let’s take a moment to remember the calling and vision of AFCZ.  We are called to serve the street children in Zambia.  These most destitute children are homeless, living in the streets, sewage tunnels and rubbish piles.  They are exposed to the evils of this world daily and survive each day only through begging, crime, and the Grace of God.  We introduce them to God and provide the counseling, skills, and transitions they need to become righteous leaders within their own world. You know our family. Currently, we have

  • 83 children living under our care
  • 13 staff 
  • 2 staff working their year of service internship
  • 101 Children receiving education
  • 5 College Students
  • 2 Students training in Work Skills Program
  • 72 people received emergency medical care
  • Next of kin notification and financial assistance for 8 funerals.

We are very busy raising children, taking part in the community, and farming!


In this letter, I am asking you to please make your tax-deductible year-end gifting and holiday donations to Action for Children Zambia so that we can continue to rescue children from the streets and restore them to a full life filled with opportunity, love and joy. 

Benjamin was brought to Salvation Home last week by his older brother, who was also living in the streets.  Neither boy had ever been to school. The big brother told us that their mother remarried and her new husband chased them from home – saying he refused to provide for children that were not his.

Godfrey, who ran from home after years of abuse from his father, found the streets a better place to live than his home.  He moved into Salvation Home earlier this year. 

And finally, children like Chris Musonda, who came to us in 2012.  Shortly after Chris’s mother passed away, his father remarried and sent him to visit his Grandmother.  When Chris returned home from the visit, his father and his new wife had moved from their home and Chris had no idea where to find them, forcing him to live in the streets for survival.  I am happy to report that Chris will be going to grade 11 in January and has become a wonderful young man; living at Redemption House, teaching CCD in his church and playing on their very successful football team.   

We continue to strive to assure that these children and all children that come to us know they are loved and know how to live in a family and participate in their communities. Academic success and leadership are shown by all our children.  We are especially proud as we move two more off to college and have another head boy!   One of the hallmarks of our program is that it is staffed by Zambians, many of whom grew up with us.  As I get older, I can appreciate the hard work of the children raised through AFCZ and know that our future is good!

As we look to the future, we have identified these projects for 2020:

  • Build the children’s homes on our new Redemption House site
  • Continue our current pig project to learn if it’s profitable or just raise food for consumption
  • Continue renovations for Salvation Home, including solar lights installation
  • Bring more volunteers to Zambia

This future can only happen through your continued support.  You are the very backbone of this organization and the children and I are forever grateful for you.  We hold you in our prayers every day and pray that God will reward your generosity with goodness, happiness, and peace. 

You can make your tax-deductible donation at the website: or

mail a check to

Action for Children-Zambia

                         P.O. Box 353

                         Maple Lake, MN 55358


May God Bless you today and always,

Mama Carol and the Children of AFCZ

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