Action for Children~Zambia is built on the dedication and love of its supporters throughout the world. Without our volunteers and donors, the doors of Salvation Home and Kulunga Bana Youth Center would have shut long ago. Our operations are run nearly entirely on donor funds (except an occasional grant to begin a new project, and the small income we receive seasonally from farming at Kulunga Bana). We also have no paid administrative staff; all fundraising, administrative tasks and overhead duties are performed by our dedicated volunteers.
Not only do our supporters keep us in business on the practical side of things, but their messages and kindness are deeply touching and meaningful to the children we help, many of whom have never experienced a loving family.
We love to welcome new supporters in whatever capacitiy they are able to connect with us! If you are interested in volunteering, donating or just receiving our updates, please feel free to look around or contact us.


There are many opportunities for volunteering within AFCZ and we are always excited to welcome new friends who share our vision and passion! We currently have opportunities available in the following areas; however, please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer in a way that is not listed here.


Action for Children~Zambia (AFCZ) was founded on the belief that all donated funds should go directly into producing a positive change in the lives of the children we serve. We have no paid staff except for those in Zambia who work directly with the children; all of our overhead activities and fundraising are coordinated by volunteers.

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Action for Children~Zambia sends updates to those who are interested in our mission through our website, email or mail newsletters and letters (approximately 4–6 times per year) and Facebook. Currently, all mailing costs are covered by a donor who specifically requested that their donation be used for fundraising and public awareness.