There are many opportunities for volunteering within AFCZ and we are always excited to welcome new friends who share our vision and passion! We currently have opportunities available in the following areas; however, please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer in a way that is not listed here.

  • Hosting fundraisers
  • Grant research and writing
  • Writing articles
  • Visiting Zambia as a volunteer

Hosting Fundraisers

We encourage all of our supporters to host fundraisers or awareness events to spread the word about Zambia and raise funds for both our daily operations and our upcoming project goals. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser, our organization can provide support for you through materials that you can distribute and use, forms for receipts and proof of our status as a non-profit. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hosting a fundraiser and would like information.

Grant Writing

Grants are a valuable opportunity for Action for Children~Zambia (AFCZ) to fund for our expansion and new projects; for example, the chicken coop and chickens that have provided us with food and some income since 2010 were funded through a grant. We welcome volunteers who are interested in researching and writing grants for our organization. If you have interest in writing grants, please email us with the details of the grant and we can provide you with additional information about our organization that may be required.

When looking for grants for AFCZ, keep in mind that many of the grants providing funding for African youth are focused towards programs and agendas that our organization does not fit. (For example, many grants are focused specifically towards reducing the prevalence of AIDS and HIV in African youth. While our organization provides treatment and education for street children in our program who have AIDS or HIV, we do not provide the focus on this topic that many grants are looking for.) Typically, AFCZ qualifies for grants focused on:

  • Orphans and vulnerable youth

  • Education and school fees

  • Income-generating activities (such as the chickens) 

Writing Articles

We at Action for Children~Zambia (AFCZ) are always looking to spread the word about our work, to educate others about the needs of the street children in Zambia, to find more supporters and to keep our current supporters informed about what we are doing with their donations. To enable these strong communications, we always have opportunities for volunteers who are interested in writing articles about AFCZ. If you are interested in writing and article, please contact us with your idea and we can inform you if it fits our current needs and space requirements (for the newsletter or our website) as well as providing you with extra information and/or photos.

If you are writing an article either for publication either through AFCZ or elsewhere, please read the article guidelines.

Newsletter Articles

If you have had a meaningful experience with AFCZ, we frequently have space in our newsletters for short articles written by volunteers. Previously we have featured articles from volunteers who have visited Salvation Home, but we would also be interested in articles from volunteers who have served in the U.S.

Articles for our Website

The articles on our website are often similar in content to those in our newsletter, although they can be longer and more in-depth. If you have information to share with our supporters, we can post an article on our website during times when we may not be publishing or may not have space in the physical newsletter.

Magazine Articles

Professional magazines have previously been a very effective means for AFCZ to spread the word about our work to people unfamiliar with AFCZ. If you would like to submit an article to a magazine about AFCZ, we can provide you with details and photos as needed.

Blog Articles

If you have a blog and would like to write about AFCZ’s work, we welcome your support!

View AFCZ Article Guidelines

Visiting Zambia as a Volunteer

One of the most memorable volunteer experiences you can have with Action for Children~Zambia is to visit our operations in Zambia. We welcome visitors to Salvation Home and Kulunga Bana Youth Center and would be thrilled to coordinate a time with you to visit if you are interested and able. We ask all visitors to share their skills with us while they are here, whether through helping with the manual labor on the farm, supervising the children during recreation, teaching literacy classes or sharing a unique skill. Most visitors, unless they are dedicated to assisting with a specific project, spend time at both Salvation Home and Kulunga Bana Youth Center.

As with any international travel, there are many items to consider before purchasing a ticket and starting off. Please review the volunteer and travel information including our Travel Recommendations document.

For those of you who will be visiting and staying with us, we ask you to remember that you are not visiting our workplace or volunteer site; we are welcoming you into our home. As such, we require that our visitors abide by our code of conduct. We at AFCZ have chosen to live our lives by this code of conduct to benefit the children we are helping, and we feel it is important that all our visitors show the same example to the children.

We hope to welcome you at Salvation Home and Kulunga Bana Youth Center in Zambia and would be pleased to show you how we live and work.